Driving in Rwanda-Tips for driving in Rwanda

Self driving, has become the most reliable way of exploring the magnificent landscape of Rwanda. Since the Rwandan population keeps increasing all year round, travelers has for a number of times visited Rwanda for business safaris, safaris to the prominent National parks including Volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking, Nyungwe Forest and Giswati National park for Chimpanzee tracking, Akagera National Park for wildlife experience, group or family holidays, and global or political events or meetings on a driver guided or self drive in Randa. Due to several factors aligned,  Self drive Rwanda offers a number of driving tips for driving within Rwanda with your rental car, as you plan to book a 4×4 rental car to navigate within the country, which includes

Covid-19 guidelines to travelers

All travelers arriving, transferring or transiting Rwanda are must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test certificate for a test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure. Due to the world’s current situation of Covid-19 attack, the Rwandan government urges all travelers to fully vaccinate before traveling to Rwanda. Non-vaccinated travelers should avoid nonessential travel to Rwanda, so as to avoid the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19 variants. Therefore all must follow recommendations or requirements in Rwanda, including wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart from others.

Driving within East Africa

Self drive Rwanda, as we as other car rental agencies in Rwanda, will only allow driving within east African Countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi, which also requires a Comesa insurance to crossover the East African borders.

Car Rental insurance Policy

Apparently most car rental car rental providers including Self drive Rwanda, rent out insured 4×4 rental cars. These cars majorly consist of Comprehensive insurance cover which protects the car from accidents, fire outbreak and Theft ie Colision damage waiver. However in case the renter(client) is responsible for the damage, then he/she is subjected to pay, as per the company’s terms and conditions

Complete Payment of the rental car

At self drive Uganda, all travelers renting a car is required to make full payment before leaving with the rental car. This can be done by either full payment on arrival, before pick up or through Bank transfer through our self drive Uganda bank account. Whereas, on the hand, other car rental companies might require a percentage deposit prior to the pick up date when it will be completed.

Age Limit For driving in Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda along with the Rwandan government will only allow clients with a minimum age of about 21 years and above to rent and drive within Rwanda. At most times, the Rwandan police usually stops every car in order to check for the age of every driver, so as to avoid accidents hence maintaining safety precautions in the country

Must have a driver’s license

No Car hire agency in Rwanda including Self drive Rwanda shall rent its rental car to any traveler who doesn’t possess a valid drivers license. A driver’s license acts as proof to the rental company that the client is eligible to drive. Therefore all car rental or self drive travelers must come handy with either an international driver’s license (most preferred) or the national driver’s license(country of origin printed in English). Persons with international driving permits can drive in the country for upto 1 year, after which he/she will be urged to acquire a Rwandan Driver’s License.

Travel documents

Like any other car rental company, self Drive Rwanda urges all its clients to present a photocopy of a their valid travel documents for both the passport and visa to Rwanda, which shall be used as aback up safety credentials in the company, and the client, in case any problem arises. Before departing with the vehicle for a given schedule, the client is shall move along with the car registration documents (also known as the log book) as well as the car insurance certificate.

Car Rental Terms and conditions

Read every line and follow every dot s as to avoid incurring irrelevant expenses. All car rental agencies, like self drive Rwanda have terms and conditions for renting their cars, specially designed for an agreement between the hirer and the client. All clients are advised to read and abide by the rules and regulations for renting a car from a particular car rental agency. The traveler must know that any violation of the rules can lead to payment of a fine.

Road safety Rules and regulations

Rwanda is a law abiding country, with designed road safety rules and regulations. Rwanda  acts on the standard traffic rules, which is the major reason why al drivers should drive on the right hand side of the road. The recommended driving speed is rated to 60kph  on the highways, and 0kph in urban and crowded destinations. all drivers are urged never to drink and drive, while the use of cell phones during driving is prohibited. All passengers in the car must wear seatbelt, failure to abide, leads to penalties.

Additional charges involved

Depending on every destination within Rwanda, most clients are subjected to pocket friendly or no pick up or drop off cahrges. on the the other hand, most one way car rental travelers are subjected to one way car rental fee so as to return the car to the company.