Car Rental w/Driver Guide Rwanda ($40/day), Driver Hire Rwanda

Car Rental & W/ Driver Guide Rwanda Kigali from $40/day. Self Drive Rwanda Charges only 40 USD per day for Driver Guide on your Car Rental for your vacation.

Car Rental with Driver RwandaAre you looking for a car with a driver in Kigali Rwanda for your safari, business or leisure travel? Look no further because you are in the right place.  Self drive Rwanda offers reliable Rwanda car Rental and driver hire services in Kigali and all over Rwanda, using a pro range of Safari vehicles for hire with Driver Guides at competitive rates.

Rwanda Car rental with Driver hire Services from Self drive Rwanda offers you well trained English speaking or French Rwandan drivers with adequate knowledge of most of the destinations and attractions in Kigali and Rwanda.

Self Drive Rwanda Hires out private driver hire or chauffeur drive transfer to major Kigali international Airport, other parts of Kigali and private sightseeing tours in Rwanda’s major National Parks and tourist attraction sites.

Self Drive Rwanda’s Car rental with driver hire service provides clients with a 4×4 car rental and a certified, licensed driver. Your driver will be able to assist you with your baggage and provide an efficient transport service in and around Rwanda. All our drivers have comprehensive local knowledge, are well versed in the traffic patterns and most efficient routes to use in and around a city.  Our drivers on hire are experienced professionals ensuring their passengers arrive safely and on time at their destinations and are collected punctually.

Planning car rental & driver in Rwanda, Self Drive Rwanda is the leading car rental Company offering Car hire with Driver option to independent travelers that are planning to explore Rwanda.

Hire a Driver guide and Car rental with Self drive Rwanda at affordable prices to explore the national parks of Rwanda .

Chauffeur Transfer Service

Whether you choose to be greeted at the airport or picked up from a specific address, this service gives you one less thing to worry about when traveling in unfamiliar territory for Important Safari Activity in Rwandan National Park. Not having to make connections or wait for taxis means you have more time to relax or catch up on some work in your premium vehicle.

Daily Chauffeur Drive

A traditional chauffeur service that’s perfect for the executive traveler. Experience the ultimate in convenience, luxury and comfort as you have a highly trained driver with you for the entire day. A VIP option with added exclusivity is also available.

What is the Cost of Having a Driver on Rental

Self Drive Rwanda Charges only 40 USD per day for the Driver to be added on your Car Rental to make your Vacation the Great one.

The Drivers have guiding & Driving Experience in all East African Roads even Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why should hire a driver guide from Self drive Rwanda

A driver guide helps to transport passengers from point A to point B. Our Knwoledgeable and experienced driver guides ensure you get to your destination safely, comfortably, as well as providing guaranteed informative road trip.

Self-drive trips may be more affordable,  yet the benefits of traveling with a hired driver surpasses driving yourself and as much as un-private it gets, there is no denying that you will always feel safe and comfortable with a local in your presence.

Our dedicated driver guides are well trained ready to take you to any destination and if you have been thinking about a self-drive road trip, here are some reasons why we recommend you hire a driver in Rwanda if you want to travel comfortably.

Reduces Frustration – Driving a car can be a stressful experience especially if you are driving for long distances or stuck in traffic. You don’t have to worry about all this when you have a self drive Rwanda driver guide as he is trained to handle even the most stressful of situations. Total concentration is always vital when on road so if you have a lot on your mind then its best you leave it to someone who is composed and fit for the road.

Hiring a driver guide  is safer in that you don’t have to about getting lost or falling into hands of fraudster as you have your personal bodyguard to guide and protect you most especially if you are a first time traveler in the country.

Our driver guides are Informative –  You might have read about Rwanda overtime, attractions and all that travel information, but no one can give you accurate info than a local driver/ guide. Self drive Rwanda’s professional driver guide provide reliable knowledge including history and current facts about each destination or attraction making him/ her perfect travel companion if you want to learn more about Rwanda or any other tourist destination.

Freedom – With our drive guide on the road, sit back and relax and do other things which makes it a reliable option to business and leisure travelers. Get out that laptop or phone and do some chatting or business deal as they transfer you to your destination. Relaxing is always a big part of leisure and so you have to maximize that every chance you get.

Punctuality – Our professional driver guides help to get you to a desired destination in time. Yet it isn’t an easy task with self drive If you are planning a business trip in Uganda, then you should consider hiring a driver for a timely arrival to the meeting.

Navigation – Our driver guides will save you the burden of carrying the road maps or about where to take the next turn. You are provided with an insightful driver guide who will not only drive you to and from your desired attractions, but also keep informing you about your location and constantly brief you. This leaves you with only the task of looking out for animals and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Trained, insightful and knowledgeable guides – It is very common for the undisciplined eye to miss sight of animals or things that could be part of interest but, for a trained guide, it is easy to point out a leopard camouflaged in tree branches or to track the location of a herd of animals. Local guides usually know the areas thoroughly and always know where to find which animals. This saves you a lot of time driving around just hoping to see an animal by chance or luck.

Safety. Besides accompanying you from one point to another, pointing out animals, our driver guides also ensure that both you and the animals are safe. Some tourists who embark on self-drive safaris engage in behavior which is considered risky to either the animals or themselves. e.g Driver guides usually advise you on how to act in the presence of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable on animal behavior.

Interaction – Somewhere along the car rental and driver hired safaris, you could be interested in the culture or norms of indigenous people in the area. For example, many tourists who come to Rwanda are thrilled to witness the Ibyiwachu cultural activities. Now, if you were on a self-drive safari your chances of interaction would be limited due to problems ranging from language problem of indigenous people.

However, if you happen to have hired a car with a driver Guide, your guide can be of help and either translate or take you to places where your interactions would be made easier and more interesting.