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Rwanda the land of a thousand hills has so many attractions which can be explored on a safari or self drive basis. Besides gorilla tracking, Volcano National parks has other activities, Golden monkey Tracking, Volcano hiking, (Bisoke, Muhabura, Karisimbi, Gahinga), and Dian Fossey Grave Visit. Other attractions around include, the twin Lakes of Rubondo and Bulera and not forgetting the Ibyi’wachu Cultural Village.

Nyungwe National park is known for Chimpanzee Tracking in Cyamudongo which is approx.


1 hour drive from the park Headquarters. Other activities in this magnificent forest include, Canopy walk which is the first of its own in East Africa, Nature walks, water fall trail, Ingishngishi and others. Nyungwe is also among IBA, forest species of birds, many types can be found here.

Recently Lions were introduced in Akagera National park and there are plans to introduce Rhinos in this park. Animals you can see in Akagera on a game drive include Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, giraffes and others,  As the park harbors so many water bodies, and not forgetting the river Akagera.


You can enjoy the boat cruise on Lake Ihema which is the largest in the park; you will enjoy many aquatic animals and not forgetting the beautiful birds.

Around Kigali, enjoy the beautiful and clean city,  Do not miss to visit the genocide memorials to experience the dark times of Rwanda back in 1994, You will wonder how fast is growing besides that behind history. Visit the Presidential Palace, craft shops, and not forgetting the local market.


The border crossings between Rwanda and the DRC at Gisenyi/Goma and Cyangugu/Bukavu are currently open for travelers going to Kahuzi Biega National park for Lowland Gorilla Trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo. If you are crossing regularly between Rwanda and the DRC you may encounter immigration difficulties if you have not regularised your residency status.

Levels of crime remain relatively low in Rwanda.


But you should take sensible precautions. Take care when walking at night. Pre-arrange transport. Lock car doors when driving, don’t leave valuables in cars when parked and don’t leave cars unsupervised in the town Centre. Don’t carry large amounts valuables.

You can drive using a UK driving licence or an International Driving Permit for up to 1 year, after which you should apply for a Rwandan licence. To apply for a local driving licence, you need to write a letter of application to the Commissioner Traffic and Road Safety attaching your existing licence and a copy of your visa or Foreign Resident ID card, and pay a fee.


Roads from Kigali to all major towns are good.  Avoid road travel after dark.

You need a visa to enter Rwanda. 30 day tourist visas are available on arrival; you can pay in cash (sterling or US dollars) or by Visa/MasterCard. Payment by credit card may not be available at all land border crossings.

You can also choose to get a visa in advance at any Rwandan diplomatic mission or online. Further information about visa requirements is available from the Rwandan High Commission.

You should have a yellow fever Vaccination card to enter Rwanda.

Certificate Requirements

Under International Health Regulations, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers over 1 year of age arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), from 11 July 2016 (for all countries), the yellow fever certificate will be valid for the duration of the life of the person vaccinated. As a consequence, a valid certificate, presented by arriving travellers, cannot be rejected on the grounds that more than ten years have passed since the date vaccination became effective as stated on the certificate; and that boosters or revaccination cannot be required.


The yellow fever vaccine is not suitable for all travellers, there are specific undesirable effects associated with it. This vaccine is only available at registered yellow fever vaccination centers. Health professionals should carefully assess the risks and benefits of the vaccine, and seek specialist advice if necessary.

The vaccines in this section are recommended for most travellers visiting this country.

How to Get a Gorilla Permit

Many Self-drive Travelers that wish to visit Rwanda, Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo Seek about how to secure a gorilla permit for their gorilla trekking adventure in the Wild jungles of former Great Virunga national Park shared by three Nations.


In all three Gorilla Destination the procedure to acquire a gorilla pass is the same and it only provides for two Options.

You book Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo Mountain gorilla permits through tour operators. For Rwanda, it is done at Rwanda Development Board RDB, Uganda, Uganda Wild Life Authority UWA, Congo Virunga National Park Tourism Office.

First Option: Some Visitors opt to book themselves permits directly to those offices responsible. It is also possible and you can book on line. You just send an email.(Rwanda: ( Uganda: ( Congo:


What is needed is your passport Details, day of Tracking and gorilla permit payment. In Rwanda it is 1500 USD per permit, Uganda, 600 USD and low season, (April, May and November) 450 USD, and Congo the permit cost 400 USD

Second Option: the stress free way of booking a gorilla permit is through a tour operator and Self-drive Rwanda ranks high in booking gorilla permits in all destination s which are going to be visited by its client. Self-drive Rwanda offers the option of just picking the gorilla permits for travelers that have booked transportation with them

Please note, Its necessary to book in advance most especially in high season. This is because gorilla permits are served on first come first serve and they allow 8 Visitors per day per gorilla Family.