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Lets Self drive Rwanda Help you decide on which Rwanda Safari to Take for the Vacation.

The information below will hopefully give you a better understanding of how you can see Mountain Gorillas in the best possible way with the travel time available to you.
Rwanda is an African Country found in the great East African Region that has the Mountain Gorillas .

Self Drive Rwanda

We have a somewhat limited infrastructure and distances from one place to the other. Rwanda offers many amazing landscapes and highlights as the Name thousand hills ! We have selected a few criteria which may help you in finding the right Rwanda Safari for you.

How should I travel in Rwanda?

Travel by Rental Car, independently

  1. Rwanda road system makes driving easy; there are no big highways or rush hours.
  2. The road system offers the opportunity to see more places and highlights of thousand Hills than traveling by bus!
  3. Have the complete freedom to stop wherever you like and travel at your pace.
  4. For a chart of driving distances and car rental click here.
  5. Combine bus and road travel, to maximize your travel experience!

Travel in a Group/ Escorted Tours

  1. You are a single traveler and/or enjoy traveling with different people in a group and explore Rwanda together?
  2. A tour consultant will provide inside knowledge about our destination in Rwanda , you just sit back and relax.
  3. Every aspect of the tour is organized, all that is for you to do is enjoy the journey.
  4. Escorted tours are a great way to see Rwanda.

Rwanda Road Distances /Driving Distance Chart

Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km)
Kigali (Kigali) Butare (Butare) 79.91
Gitarama (Gitarama) Ruhengeri (Ruhengeri) 64.82
Gisenyi (Gisenyi) Byumba (Byumba) 90.67
Cyangugu (Cyangugu) Rwamagana (Kibungo) 181.11
Kibuye (Kibuye) Kibungo (Kibungo) 133.02
Nzega (Gikongoro) Mulindi (Byumba) 122.52
Shonga (Byumba) Bukamba (Byumba) 11.5
Rukomo (Byumba) Bukamba (Byumba) 3.3
Rukomo (Byumba) Nyagatare (Byumba) 7.07
Tabagwe (Byumba) Rwempasha (Byumba) 13.02
Karama (Byumba) Gakoma (Byumba) 10.75
Muhambo (Byumba) Nkana (Byumba) 7.26
Nyakesha (Byumba) Kizinga (Byumba) 8.93
Nkamba (Byumba) Nyange (Byumba) 3.93
Shangasha (Byumba) Muture (Byumba) 7.36
Butozo (Byumba) Bugaragara (Byumba) 8.25
Karongo (Byumba) Kinyami (Byumba) 87.61
Burenga (Byumba) Nyaruvumu (Byumba) 7.41
Rwasama (Byumba) Karehe (Byumba) 16.16
Kashango (Byumba) Nyamengo (Byumba) 8.83
Gitoke (Byumba) Gisaka (Byumba) 5.71
Rwinkwavu (Kibungo) Cyimbazi (Kigali) 27.86
Bushenyi (Kigali) Cyeru (Kibungo) 13.5
Nyarugali (Kibungo) Nyarubuye (Kibungo) 5.34
Kabare (Kibungo) Mbogo (Byumba) 15.78
Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km)
Kumana (Byumba) Nyabisindu (Byumba) 3.49
Rwimitereri () Umwige () 15.45
Kisiguro (Byumba) Rwarenga () 6.47
Rwasama () Rugarama () 6.68
Karushya () Mukuyu () 3.95
Kwibanda () Karundi () 7.89
Cyamuhinda () Nyagatugunda () 10.26
Nyundo () Nyakibande () 11.68
Murambi () Shango () 10.77
Sha () Nguba () 2.95
Nyacyonga () Hubingo () 8.78
Kabuye () Gasave () 4.83
Musezero () Agatwi () 4.32
Kacyiru (Kigali) Remera () 2.59
Musave () Nyakabungo () 6.88
Muyumbu () Rugende () 2.9
Rusororo () Masaka () 4.24
Kicukiro () Kimisange () 6.68
Mwendo () Nyamugali () 8.09
Nyamabuye () Ruharabuge () 3.64
Mashaka (Byumba) Bukonje (Byumba) 3.35
Bweya (Byumba) Rukorota (Byumba) 6.99
Gituro (Byumba) Uwinkinko (Byumba) 4.94
Gabiti (Byumba) Nyarubare (Byumba) 1.9
Kanyinya (Byumba) Kayitabagema (Byumba) 3.14

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