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Gorilla Trekking safaris are the most prominent safari activity carried out in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda by numerous travelers all over the world due to the unique encounters it offers to all. The activity is very exciting and remarkable especially after watching the beautiful Mountain Gorillas interacting with their natural habitat.

The Gorilla Trekking process 

Gorillas Rwanda

Gorilla trekking has two distinct phases. The first is the hike from the closest car park to the forest and national park boundary, which usually takes 30-60 minutes depending on the speed and the group they are visiting.

The second is trek into the forest in search of gorillas, which will usually have been located by the advance trackers by the time reach the forest edge. A thrilling trek through the refined foothills of the Virungas provides inspiring views in all directions. Then, suddenly, the trail enters the national park, enclosing trekkers in the strange closeness of the rainforest, alive with the calls of colorful birds and chattering of the rare golden monkey, and besieged with fresh spoor of the mountains’ elusive populations of buffalo and elephant.

Through gaps in the forest canopy, the marvelous peaks are sighted as you ascend searching for the Mt. Gorillas. Gorilla trekking is quite strenuous but a worthwhile on encounter of these gentle giants. The excitement of you coming across these apes will wipe away your intricacy of the strenuous trek. Spend time watching gorillas, watch the adults feeding their young ones, brushing and resting as the youngsters play from vines in a pleasurably playful display. Learn About Gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Trekking Rules

Keep a Distance of 7 meters away from the Gorills

Carry a valid Gorilla Trekking permit with you i..e US $1500 per person

You must transfer to the forest in groups of 8 people

You will be allowed an hour to be with the Mt. Gorillas

You must be accompanied by an experienced tour guide

Do not litter while in the forest

Do not make noise while searching for the Mt. Gorillas

In case you approached by a Gorilla, Don’t Run for this is provocative to them

Don’t look into the Gorillas eyes direct

If you are ill, cancel your trekking experience for the Mt. Gorillas are vulnerable to human illnesses

If you want to help yourself, inform the tour guide who will escort you aside where you will dig a hole of 3 meters and here you will help your self.

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  • What time does Gorilla Trekking Starts
  • All Self drive travelers that have booked gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park are advised to be at the park headquarters at 7:30 am early morning for the berifying about the dos & donts while in Volcanoes National Park.

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