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  • Is it Safe to Drive in Rwanda with a rented Car?
  • Yes its safe to go self drive in Rwanda as the roads are good and Maintain the Speed Limits learn about Driving in Rwanda. Self Drive Rwanda is the leading Car Hire Agency that basically offer Self Drive Services. Self Drive Brings the Freedom of Private Guided Safaris at the best rate for car rental in Rwanda

  • Why take a self drive on your Rwandan vacation and its neighboring countries car?
  • A self drive gives you the freedom and flexibility to decide on where you travel and what you see and do at your own pace.
    A self drive is for independent travellers seeking a better safari /vacation experience.
    You are in charge of how much time you wish to spend at a particular attraction.
    A self drive  allows you to discover so much more as a car will allow you to drive through the little villages in out of the way places.

  • Is it cheaper to per-book my car rental or should I book when I arrive
  • By per-booking with self drive Rwanda , you receive the benefit of our discounted rates and extra services like free accommodation booking, gorilla permit. Our prices with the major self drive car rental operators are considerably lower than walking in off the street in a foreign country to rent a car.

    In addition you are per-book in advance but you pay on arrival so the risk of fluctuations in the currency are reduced and internet rip-offs is avoided after all payment is done on arrival at Kigali international airport.

  • Are there any hidden extras?
  • Self drive  include most mandatory charges, like road taxes or airport fees. Our daily rental rates exclude charges and taxes imposed directly by third parties and additional/optional items you may require.

    Optional items such as  crossing boarders of another country, additional drivers cost in case you opt to take a driver. are additional and are paid in local currency at the time of collecting your rental vehicle. Be sure to check the list of inclusions, as you will find our prices generally include more features than our competitors. Please note all Supplementary fees are correct at time of printing but are subject to change and should be used as a guide.

  • How old do you have to be to Hire a Car for self drive in Rwanda?
  • 18 is the standard age. However we do offer hire Cars for younger drivers between the age of 17 and above for the car in which you are interested in hiring. Find the Rules of Driving in Rwanda

  • Can I return the rental vehicle early?
  • Yes, this is possible however no refund of unused rental days is allowed by car rental company.

  • What kind of fuel will my rental car require?
  • Rental cars with most suppliers will come in both petrol and diesel models, which can usually be requested at the time of booking. Although in many cases no guarantee can be given, depot staff will do their absolute best to provide a car with the fuel type requested. In the case of Car Leasing, fuel type is guaranteed to be exactly what you selected.but  all our cars are given out less fuel and no refund in case you return the car with your fuel, please note that in mind while fueling the car.

  • Do I require an International Driving Permit?
  • An International Driving Permit (IDP) is proof that you hold a valid drivers licence in your home country at the date of issue of the IDP. This should be carried with your domestic drivers licence. It is a very useful travel document and is required or recommended for many countries when hiring a motor vehicle.
    How do I receive confirmation?

  • Do I need to take out Travel Insurance?
  • Yes, this is strongly recommended and your travel agent is the best person to advise on the right policy for your holiday vacation.

  • Why do I need Travel Insurance when the car is already insured?
  • In most countries an ‘excess’ will apply in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle. This is the renter’s responsibility, however many travel insurance policies now have provision to cover you for car rental excess up to a specified amount. Therefore,in case of an accident the company’s insurance pays %60 and if the damage is out of the clients negligence , the client pays %40  if the excess was applied, you have the option to claim it back on your travel insurance policy. Alternatively, ask self driverwanda.com

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