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Gorilla Safaris in Africa-Trek the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda


Planning a vacation holiday in Rwanda, book a Gorilla safari to Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee Tracking Tour at Nyungwe Forest, wildlife Safaris at Akagera National park, Adventure holidays in Kigali, Kigali City Tour.

What to Carry for Your Safari in Rwanda

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The safari Gear to carry in Rwanda varies from one safari activity to another for example; if you are going to Volcanoes to track the Gorillas and Nyungwe Forest to track the chimpanzees, adventures around Kigali  we recommend you carry safari Gear like;

A Rain Jacket

Trekking Boots


Woolen Gardening gloves

Long sleeved Shirts

Long Pants that are not jeans

Cap/ Hat

Camera with no Flash

Light clothes


Best Time to Go For A Safari in Rwanda & Gorilla Trekking Permit Rwanda

If planning to transfer to Rwanda for unique safari encounters, we recommend that you travel during the dry months from Mid December to early February as well as June to September for Gorilla Trekking where as if you are interested in Chimpanzee Tracking, you should visit the country during the two rainy seasons in the months of mid February to early June  and Mid September to Mid December.

Trekking Permits in Rwanda

The Gorilla Trekking Permit costs US $1500 per person interested in trekking the Gorillas.

The Chimpanzee Tracking Permit costs US $90 per person to track the chimpanzees

The Golden Monkey Tracking Permit costs US $100  per person interested.

Self Driving Tips in Rwanda

If you are transferring to Rwanda and are interested in self driving around the various safari destinations like Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National park, Akagera Wildlife National park etc. Follow the self driving tips below to enjoy the best safari holidays in Rwanda.

Scheme Your Route; before transferring on any trip around Rwanda, ensure to plan your trip very well as well as the route to take as you visit the numerous safari attractions around the country. This will help you know about the amount of fuel you will use for your entire journey.

Rent a spacious 4×4 Car/ Fleet; ensure to book/ hire a 4×4 Car to transfer you around the various safari places in Rwanda. These are very appropriate for all kinds of vacations while self driving for longer drives around the country.

Make sure to follow the driving rules in Rwanda; As you are self driving around the country’a safari places, make it a point to follow the driving rules for example the traffic rules, road signs etc.

Carry your valid International Driver’s License; As you are planning your self drive adventure in Rwanda, ensure to carry your valid driver’s license so that you avoid any inconveniences while self driving on the roads in the country.

Make sure to Fuel very well

Have the right rad gadgets like the GPS navigation system, Road Maps etc

Drive at the right pace

Make sure your lights work very well and perfect.

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