Long term Car rental in Rwanda, Budget Weekly/Monthly Car Hire Rwanda

Need a car for weeks, a month, a year in Rwanda? Look No further than Self Drive Rwanda‘s budget/cheap long term car rental deals.
Self Drive Rwanda’s Long term car rental Kigali, Rwanda, offers the cheapest car rental vehicles, and in a longer period from 2 weeks, to a month, a year+.

We have cheap long term car rental vehicles for any occasion: low cost car rental vehicles, Toyota Land cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, Safari vans, Toyota Hiace, coaster buses for long term business rentals and , luxury cars everyone dreams of! You’ll be excited of how much you can save booking with us!

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Kigali, Rwanda’s long term car rental makes sense in situations as family vacations, internships, business occasions, moving to another place, relocating to another city/country for work or study. Our vehicles are available for car rental in Rwanda to travelers above the age of 2 and have no other age limits.

What are the benefits of Long term car rental in Rwanda?

Long term car rental in Rwanda with self drive Rwanda offers great flexibility and value for money to the ones that choose it, while short term car renting or purchasing a car cannot provide you the benefits that long term rental can.

Car upgrade: If your looking forward to upgrading your rental car with a new car, on a long term car rental or you want to get a cheap car for your family needs, thereupon you should opt for a long term car rental option in Rwanda.

Investment: Long term car rentals can be a great deal for both your business and family needs. Long term car rental is an ideal solution for maximum benefits on business extensions, because you drive simple car for a very long time at a cost effective manner.

No Loss of Value: With long term car rental Rwanda, you wont have to worry about your car losing its value, will instead have a peace of mind because you won’t be in charge of performing the car maintenance processes too.

Fixed price: Thereupon, with long term car rental you will enjoy driving the car that you want, for the given period that you choose without spending additional money on it