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Office Directions to Self Drive Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda helps to Achieve the Extraordinary in Self Driving in Rwanda with one of the Rented Car Rental Fleets,

Safe Hands of Self Drive Rwanda

How to Reach Us

Our background as Tourism Students in Makerere University in Uganda and experienced team of specialists in every kind of terrain and environment means that all of our Car Fleets are thoroughly Serviced and the safety and security of Client is always our highest priority.

Valued local partners

In terms of local bureaucracy, our relationships with local people are crucial to our success in Self Driving in Rwanda & Uganda . At the Moment we have Started trying to expand the Business to Kenya , Tanzania and Burundi.

Office Directions

Self Drive Rwanda office is located AT the Kobil station along Kigali Airport Road. Find the Sign Post for Vigo Express Limited and Just Enter to Pick what you booked with Reseverations Department.

We strive to continually improve your experience with our company and your feedback is very important to us. In case of any suggestions or questions, drop us an email at and one of our representatives will reply to you within 24 hours.

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