Camping Gear Rwanda-Car Rental With Camping Gear/Equipment Rwanda From $10

Camping Gear Rwanda-Car Rental Camping Gear/Equipment Rwanda: Rent a car with camping gear/equipment in Rwanda for Camping safaris in Rwanda from $5.tables, chairs, utensils, fridge, gas

Camping gear rental rwandaaSelf drive Rwanda  offers car rental with camping gear for camping majorly in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, since camping safaris is minimal in Rwanda because the lodges/hotels are quite affordable compared to camping sites.

We majorly offer fully equipped car rental with camping gear to self drive travelers on roadtrip who want to explore and venture the wild on their own in their self drive car.

Self Drive Rwanda provides a full set of camping equipment at the back of your rental car, which includes; Camping tables, Camping chairs, Cooking Utensils, sleeping bags, rooftop tents or ground tents, storage box, Gas cylinder, electric cooler box or electric fridge (at $10 per day), cutlery among others.