Self Drive Uganda: 4×4 Car Rental, Self Drive & Driver Hire in Uganda

Self drive RwandaSelf Drive Uganda offers numerous car rental services to all travelers who want to explore Uganda on a self drive safari or a guided tour. Self drive Uganda rents out its 4×4 rental cars with ultimate car rental services such as car rental with a driver, self drive car hire, car rental with rooftop tents, one way car rental Uganda, short term car hire and Long term car rental in Uganda

Besides, Uganda car rental services, Self drive Uganda also offers free gorilla trekking and accommodation booking, as well as drafting self drive itineraries to different National parks of Uganda including Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Murchison Falls national Park, Kibale National Park, Kidepo Forest national Park, Rwenzori national park, Queen Elizabeth National Park among others.

Self Drive Uganda 4×4 car rental services with Self drive Rwanda

One Way car rental-Self Drive Uganda

Looking for one way Car rental to Uganda ? Self Drive Uganda offers one way car rental from Uganda to all East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Burundi including Rwanda on both Long term and Short term car rental terms at budget costs.

Self Drive Rwanda allows for one way pick up of the 4×4 rental car from one location within Uganda, and can be dropped at another convenient location within Uganda, otherwise the car can be dropped in any city within East Africa at affordable cost.

Car rental with rooftop tents and camping gear in Uganda, Self Drive Uganda

Self Drive Uganda hires out a wide range of reliable and sturdy 4×4 land cruisers with rooftop tents & camping equipment for Self Drive safaris which include Land Cruiser v8 with rooftop tent, Land cruiser LX with double rooftop tent, Land cruiser GX with double rooftop tents, TX/TZ Land Cruiser with Double rooftop tents and more, depending on your rental option.

While on the other hand, Self Drive Uganda offers a full set of Camping equipment including camping table, camping chairs, cooking utensils, storage box, cutlery, electric cooler box or electric fridge(at an additional cost), gas , torch washing basin among others

Long Term Car Rental in Uganda:- Self drive Uganda

Planning to rent a car for a long term hire in Uganda? Think no further because Self Drive Rwanda offers long term car rental for self drive in Uganda as low as 2 weeks at discounted prices. Long term car rental Uganda for self drive Uganda is available for business travelers, long term vacation travelers, government or non governmental organizational programs.

Self Drive Uganda rents out very well maintained rental cars that are are in good condition to ensure you have a safe long term roadtrip.  You can request for a much more than just a vehicle as we also provide camping gear and can arrange you a perfect road map for a travel through Uganda.

10 National Parks to Explore on Self drive in Uganda.

Uganda has over 10 national parks & Game reserves to visit while on a self drive adventure to Uganda with 4×4 Safari Land cruiser or Toyota rav4 in Uganda.

  1. Kidepo Valley National Park

    Kidepo Valley national Park located in the far northern Uganda which is a best destination to visit the big five wildlife animals like the lions , cheaters, elephants , Leopards while in 4×4 Safari Jeep from destination experts in Car rental in Uganda.  Self drive Rwanda recommends travelers to select either Toyota Land cruiser or Nissan patrol yet Toyota rav4 when its not rainy Season . Explore the Open Savannah in the wilderness of Kidepo Valley shared between Uganda & South Sudan.

  2. Bwindi Forest National Park

    Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park located in south western Uganda and known as the home for the mountain gorillas , as its well known that all self drive adventures with to go gorilla trekking in the jungle of Uganda.

    Gorilla Trekking is either done in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park all located south western Uganda.  Self drive Rwanda books for you the gorilla trekking permits at no extra changes .

    Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park has other safari activities like nature walks , Gorilla habituation in the southern sector of bwindi, community walks , Cultural tours . Contact us to book for you the gorilla permit to see gorillas in Africa.

  3. Queen Elizabeth National Park

    Queen Elizabeth National Park known for the tree climbing lions and savannah national park with chances for spotting the big five and its the only national park in Uganda that has Lion trekking experience with 100% sure chances of seeing the lions . Self drive travelers are advised to always have park ranges at an extra change of 20$ during the game drive in the national park .

    Self drive Rwanda offers chances to going to wildlife national parks to hire a cars with Drivers and accommodations in national park of Queen Elizabeth.

    Top Safari activities enjoyed in Queen Elizabeth national park include the wildlife game drive, visiting the salt lake & Crater lakes, Chimpanzee tracking, Community visits, Nature walk & Balloon safaris.

  4. Murchison falls National Park

    Murchison falls national Park located in half way of the route to connect to Kidepo Valley national park , travellers planning to explore Murchison falls have high chances of extending their stay to Kidepo national park .

    Murchison Falls National park offers the best wildlife safari experiences to travelers that visit East Africa for remarkable Adventures.
    Self drive travelers visit this national pa for numerous safari activities like Wildlife game drive, boat cruise, visiting the top of the falls, Cultural adventures.

  5. Kibale Forest National Park

    Kibale Forest National park located in western areas of Uganda with Fort portal as the nearest town , Kibale forest national park is the home for the chimpanzees in Uganda , its ranked high when it comes to primate Safaris in Uganda .

    Top Safari Activities enjoyed in Kibale national Park include the Chimpanzee Tracking , Nature walks & Chimpanzee Habituation.

    Self drive Rwanda offers free booking of the chimpanzee Permits, to enjoy your chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda . Other optional destinations to visit for Chimpanzee tracking include Kalinzu Forest , Budongo forest.

How to Located offices in Uganda .

Self drive Rwanda partners with Self drive Uganda the leading car rental company in Uganda offering Reliable 4×4 Car hire with or with out drivers for adventures to Uganda.

Self Drive Rwanda, Uganda Offices are located on Entebbe Road Kampala Uganda 6 Kms from Kampala City Centre driving to Entebbe International Airport

Special offers at Self Drive Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda continues to bring you amazing offers on car hire to ensure you save money. The offers below contain a variety of savings to help you reduce the cost of your car rental booking.