Our rates: Rental Fees

Looking for travel discounts and special deals in Rwanda,  Self drive Rwanda offers special Travel rates for short and long Rentals in Rwanda, Uganda , Kenya and Tanzania for car rental with or without rooftop Tents , Car rental & Drivers.

Self drive Rwanda rates include:

  1. Comprehensive car insurance
  2. Unlimited mileage/ kilometres
  3. 24 hour road assistance
  4. No hidden costs!

Car Rates

Car Fleet Type            Carrying Capacity High Season Low Season Driver
Rav4 2 Door 2 Pax US $50 US $50 US $40
Rav4 4 Doors 4 Pax US $50 US $50 US $40
Land cruiser TZ /Prado 5 Pax US $80 US $85 US $40
Land cruiser Extended 8 Pax US $240 US $220 Driver Included

Please use our website for more information or to book, or alternatively we like to talk, so please call us for more information – +250735084672

Is the Limited Millage on my Rented fleet.

Self drive Rwanda offers Unlimited millage but restricts on the driving time . The car has to start being on the road at 6:30 am and stop being on the road at 7:00pm

Can we both Drive the rented car at no Extra Charge

Yes, Self drive Rwanda allows both drivers to drive the car at no extra fee as long as they all have valid driving licenses as long as they are all party to the rental agreement.


Payment is upon arrival for any vehicle reserved at Selfdrive Uganda. Your travel specialists only need your flight details or accommodation

Travelers that making bookings in advance stand a chance to enjoy the promotional or special offers mention on the homepage.

Rates & Prices

High Season Low Season Camping Gears Driver
Rav4 3-Door 50 USD 45 USD 5 USD 35 USD
Rav4 4-Doors 50 USD 50 USD 5 USD 35 USD
Camper Van 140 USD 130 USD 5 USD 35 USD
LandCruiser TZ/TX 90 USD 80 USD 5 USD 35 USD
Nissan Patrol 90 USD xx USD xx USD xx USD
LandCruiser Safari Extended 250 USD 220 USD 5 USD included in the price

These selfdrive car rental rates include:

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Unlimited mileage/kilometres
  • 24 hour road assistance
  • No hidden costs!
  • 18% VAT

Please Note: Our rates are subject to review and it can be changed by the management depending on the travelers needs and interests, we have other extras at Selfdrive Uganda like GPS navigation, camping gear and drivers.